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Welcome in Capri

A succession of books lyrically have praised the marvels of this enchanted Island, charming like a mirage, a magic basket full of hidden sea jewels, where the sweet luring singing of the sirens has been echoing for centuries from its many indentations and grottos diverted from time passing.

A large number of definitions have been celebrating the amazing combination of a turquoise sea, white rocks and a perpetually flourishing vegetation so that Capri is known as the 'Pearl of the Mediterranean Sea', the 'Blue Island' and 'A Magnetic Pole of the Universe' as described by the writer and painter Alberto Savinio who considered Capri as a mystic and extraordinary place; in his book he also defined it 'Small floating garden of Eden'.

Ancient Roman emperors made it their manor and sought seclusion to fully enjoy its magic; the island and its incomparable views have been the perfect background for famous romances and sources of artistic inspiration for poets, musicians, painters. The Piazzetta, the famous little square, has been the stage for lots of movies and the glitz has always dominated the seasons of the most extravagant 'dolce vita', less favourably portrayed by tabloid press. Luxurious hotels and dreamy villas have given hospitality to celebrities and personalities of past and present, confirming its growing reputation of an exclusive resort, almost inaccessible, protected by the high walls hiding exotic gardens and inhabited by stylish elitists who are magnetized by the refinement of the island and the 'glittering' penumbra of its trendy bars.

Nonetheless, the glitz and the stroll in the streets with chic boutiques are contrasted by the discreet charm of the narrow lanes which wind up the white houses; the paths which run down to the sea with staggering views; ancient walks to imperial villas or forts built in the past to defend the island; the history and the art of buildings and churches; the dazzling beauty of the Faraglioni Rocks and the Grotta Azzurra, the Blue Grotto.

A holiday in Capri includes all these experiences and many more: that's why our proposals are intended to offer several options for accommodation, with an eye to limit expenses, but granting a painstaking search and selection for accommodation services which must comply with quality standards for comfort and hospitality. To meet this engagement, our office is located in Capri to assist you constantly. We would like to make your holidays an unforgettable experience which we hope shall become recurring, simply by coming back and visit us again.

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